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Title: خانه توسعه دهندگان وب
Description: ما یک شرکت نرم افزاری در تبریز هستیم که با تیم برنامه نویسی حرفه ای آماده طراحی وب سایت در تبریز می باشیم
Keywords: برنامه نویسی در تبریز, طراحی وب سایت در تبریز, ساخت سایت در تبریز, تولید وب سایت در تبریز, طراحی وب در تبریز, طراحی سایت در تبریز
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Server Location: Germany
This report was generated on 05-19-2017.

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Search Engines

Searchengines often generate more than 50% of the entire traffic. Thats why you should always pay attention on how well your sites are indexed. In the following sections you see how many sites of the sites are indexed by the major search engines and how many links they have detected.

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    Rankings - How do the searchengines rate my website?
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    Visibility - Which subpages do the searchengines find?
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    Inbound Links - How many inbound links do the searchengines find?


  • Google PageRank™: n/a
  • An Alexa Traffic Rank is not available for this website. Alexa ranks sites based on tracking information of users of its Alexa Toolbar for Internet Explorer and from integrated sidebars in Mozilla and Netscape.
  • The website has a mozRank of 0.00. This hints at a low priority of the domain. The mozRank is a measurement by SEOmoz of how much "link juice" a page has based on how many links point to it and where those links are published. More


This website is listed in the following major search engines with adjoining number of indexed pages.

Altavista Altavista: n/a
AOL AOL: n/a
Bing Bing: n/a
Excite Excite: n/a
Exalead Exalead: n/a
Google Google: n/a
Lycos Lycos: n/a
Yahoo Yahoo: n/a

Inbound Links

Link popularity has the single most important impact on your search engine rankings. It is is determined by the number and quality of websites that have linked to your website. This listing shows you the number of inbound links (backlinks) at the major search engines and other platforms. More about this

Alexa Alexa: n/a
Altavista Altavista: n/a
AOL AOL: n/a
AskJeeves AskJeeves: n/a
Bing Bing: n/a
Excite Excite: n/a
Exalead Exalead: n/a
Dmoz Dmoz: n/a
Lycos Lycos: n/a
Google Google: n/a
Wikipedia Wikipedia: n/a
Yahoo Yahoo: n/a
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Social media marketing should be always a part of the online marketing activities. Social web 2.0 providers record higher expansion rates and user generated content got a much higher acceptance during the last years.

  • There are no web feeds available. Such feeds are a simple way to promote content syndication and generate more traffic.
  • We could not found an associated Twitter Account. Twitter holds great potential for improved online communication, collaboration and relationship building for business.
  • There is no Google+ Button added to the website. Using this button users can recommend this site to Google, which may affect the search results.
  • We could not found an associated Facebook Fanpage for this website. Facebook can be used to let your fans spread the word about your website or product. It still holds a great potential to enhance the online marketing actions.

Inbound Links on Social Networks

This listing shows some of the major social media providers with the adjoinding number of inbound links.

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Digg Digg: n/a
Mister Wong Mister Wong: n/a
Reddit Reddit: n/a
Technorati Technorati: n/a
Twitter Twitter: n/a
Facebook Facebook: n/a

Keyword usage

Keywords are an important part of SEO. They have to be used in a responsible, effective way.
The following tagcloud shows the most used keywords collected from the website:

تلفن  بیشتر  سایت  برنامه  قابلیت  های  طراحی  توسعه  نویسی  واکنش  گرا  پشتیبانی  کامل  اتصال  درگاه  بانکی  برای  موتور  SEO  صورت  کاملا  تبدیل  اختصاصی  انواع  جستجوگر  ویندوز  نرم  سرویس  تبریز  فروش 

  • We have found 262 unique keywords.
  • None of the keywords used in the domain name is contained in the list of the top 5 keywords. More about this
  • None of the top keywords are used in the title. Make sure you always use your top keywords in the title of your site, but do not load the title with keywords.
  • The website uses html header tags like <h1> or <h2>. These html tags can be used to signify a topic or an important point. Many search engines give the text inside the header tags extra weight so they should be used whenever possible.
  • Some of the top keywords are used in header tags like <h1> or <h2>. More about this
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    طراحی وب واکنش گرا کد نویسی و طراحی و توسعه وب سایت ها به صورت اختصاصی و کاملا قابل توسعه و شخصی سازی شده اطلاعات بیشتر HTML5 CSS3 کد نویسی و توسعه بهینه سازی وب سایت برای انواع موتور جستجوگر ها از جمله گوگل یاهو و اطلاعات بیشتر SEO بهینه سازی برای موتور جستجوگر تبدیل وب سایت به انواع برنامه های گوشی های هوشمند اندروید android ای او اس OIS ویندوز فون Windows Phone اطلاعات بیشتر Android ,IOS توسعه وب سایت به برنامه کاربران با ارتباط مستقیم وب سایت های توسعه داده شده با ابزارهای خارجی طراحی اختصاصی وب سایت وب سایت های طراحی شده با CMS ها جلسات برگزار شده برای طراحی توسعه نرم افزار کاربران دنبال کننده ما در شبکه های اجتماعی نمونه کارهای ما شرکت برنامه نویسان دانش برتر سهند با داشتن نیروی کار فنی با تجربه بیش از یک دهه دارای نمونه کارهای زیادی در تمام زمینه های طراحی وب سایت می باشد که در زیر نمونه هایی از ان را به شما معرفی می گردد برای آشنایی بیشتر لطفا با ما تماس بگیرید همه وب سایت اطلاع رسانی اداری اموزش مجازی خدمات الکترونیکی تجاری تالار گفتگو تبلیغاتی موتور جستجوگر یک تست یک تست یک تست یک تست یک تست وب سایت پایه تومان GB هاست ویندوز GB پهنای باند ماهانه پست الکترونیکی زیر دامنه قالب الی پشتیبانی CMS سفارشی شرکت SEO عمومی طراحی با استاندارد کامل طراحی واکنش گرا با قابلیت مشاهده در تلفن همراه و تبلت قابلیت توسعه به صورت کامل ده ها قابلیت دیگر ثبت سفارش پیشرفته تومان GB هاست ویندوز GB پهنای باند ماهانه پست الکترونیکی زیر دامنه قالب سفارشی الی پشتیبانی CMS سفارشی شرکت SEO عمومی و اختصاصی KeyWordدو کلمه کلیدی برای موتور جستجوگر طراحی با استاندارد بروز و جهانی طراحی واکنش گرا با قابلیت مشاهده در تلفن همراه و تبلت به صورت کامل قابلیت توسعه به صورت کامل درگاه بانکی قابلیت اتصال به تمام درگاه های بانکی ده ها قابلیت دیگر ثبت سفارش لوکس تومان GB هاست ویندوز GB پهنای باند ماهانه پست الکترونیکی زیر دامنه قالب کاملا سفارشی ساعته پشتیبانی CMS اختصاصی SEO عمومی و اختصاصی KeyWordپنج کلمه کلیدی برای موتور جستجوگر طراحی با استاندارد بروز و جهانی طراحی واکنش گرا با قابلیت مشاهده در تلفن همراه و تبلت و تلویزیون به صورت کامل قابلیت توسعه کاملا اختصاصی و پیشرفته درگاه بانکی قابلیت اتصال به تمام درگاه های بانکی اتصال به نرم افزار قابلیت توسعه برای اتصال به نرم افزارهای خاص تبدیل به اپلیکیشن Android وب سرویس قابلیت اتصال به وب سرویس ها ده ها قابلیت دیگر ثبت سفارش حرفه ای تماس بگیرید
  • No spam keywords could be found.


Mobile Accessibility

The W3C mobileOK Basic Test 1.0 has been developed by the Mobile Web Initiative at W3C to provide a test that checks whether a site is appropriate to be viewed on mobile phones. In the times of modern iPhone and Android devices this test may be a bit outdated but to let older mobile devices acccess your website it is recommended to still follow it.

    This test does not determine whether the user is able to opt out of refresh. Instead it shows problems with auto refreshing.
  • 2. CACHING
    The purpose of the test is to alert providers to the fact that their content may not be cached, if it would be beneficial to do so.
    The DDC is defined to support only UTF-8 encoding, and hence this test fails if a resource is not encoded in UTF-8.
    This test validates the markup and checks content format support.
    This test checks best practices on the inputmode on forms.
    This tests checks whether there are too many resources loaded.
    The intent of this Best Practice is to avoid using transparent images for spacing. However, small transparent images are often used in e-commerce sites for user tracking purposes. The practice is common enough, and possibly vital enough to the business interests of mobile sites, that it is undesirable to fail sites that use such small transparent images.
    This test handles inappropriate uses of image maps.
  • 10. LINK_TARGET_FORMAT (17 Warnings)
    This test validates to correct use of links and link targets.
  • 11. MEASURES
    This test validates the correct definition of css for images.
  • 12. MINIMIZE
    This test validates that simple whitespace characters do not represent more than 10% or 20% of all the characters.
  • 13. NO_FRAMES
    Documents should not contain a frame, frameset or iframe element.
  • 15. OBJECTS_OR_SCRIPT (1 Warning - 5 Errors)
    Validates the correct use of object and script tags.
  • 16. PAGE_SIZE_LIMIT (2 Errors)
    The document should not exceed 10 KB, including images not more than 20 KB.
  • 17. PAGE_TITLE
    A title element should be present in the document head.
  • 18. POP_UPS (5 Errors)
    Links should not open in a new window.
    For each radio button group and select options a default value should be specified.
    In the CSS Style no position, float or display elements should be used.
  • 21. STYLE_SHEETS_USE (2 Warnings - 1 Error)
    This test looks for elements in the Text Extension module defined by XHTML Modularization, some of which are not supported in XHTML Basic 1.1. It also looks for commonly-used elements and attributes that were deprecated in HTML 4, and are not supported, or are deprecated, in XHTML Basic.
    The table element should not be used.
    A table should containt more than one table row. Each table row should contain at least one table data element. A table element should not contain only a spacer image.
    A table element should not hold an other table element.


Readability of a text is one main aspect that must be kept in mind while creating a website. Easy-reading text dramatically improves comprehension and therefore you should work on it. To describe the readability of a text several algorithms have been developed. Researches have shown that they are not 100% accurate, but give a good rough estimate. You still have to adopt them to your target audience.

  • The Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease is 99.4. Higher scores indicate text that is easier to read, lower numbers mark text that is more difficult to read. Good comprehensible text often hold scores of about 60 to 70. This analysis is very common and widely used, i.e. by governments and various companies. More

The following tests calculate a rough estimate number of years of formal education a person requires in order to understand an english text.

  • The Flesch Kincaid Grade Level is 1.7.
    This means people whose age is about at least 7-8 years will understand this text. More
  • The Gunning Fog Score is 4.7.
    This means people whose age is about at least 10-11 years will understand this text. More
  • The Coleman Liau Index is -11.3.
    This means people whose age is about at least -6--5 years will understand this text. Unlike most of the other indices it relies on characters instead of syllables per word. More
  • The SMOG Index is 3.6.
    This means people whose age is about at least 9-10 years will understand this text.
    It is widely used, particularly for checking health messages. More
  • The Automated Readability Index is 3.6. More

Web Accessibility refers to the practice of making websites usable by people of all abilities and disabilities. When your a website is correctly developed, all users can have access to the information and functionality. But web accessibility also benefits people without disabilities.
The whole topic is pushed by the W3C, especially the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). The website of the WAI is a good start to become familiar with this topic.
In this section we want to offer more and more tests by time to analyse your web accessibility beginning with Mobile Accessibility and Readabiliy.

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Meta Data

  • The title has a length of 39 characters. Most search engines allow up 150 characters but only about 80 characters are displayed. Limiting the title to 70 characters is the best way to ensure correct display in search engines. More about this
  • A meta description with 188 chars found in the meta tags. The description should not exceed 200 chars. When you want Google to show your meta description in search results you should avoid using one and the same for all pages. More about this


  • According to Google this website does not host malware and cannot harm your computer.
  • The server runs on Microsoft-IIS/10.0.
  • We could not check the html source for the domain. Compliancy to the W3C standards should not have a big impact on the rankings, but you should try to follow it to avoid any problems search engines might have while crawling your site. More about this
  • CSS-Directives are directly integrated to the HTML-Code, this means design is not separated from the structure from each other. Such HTML-Code can also be called Spaghetti-Code. A separation of HTML and CSS offers many advantages and should be considerated.
  • The robots.txt with robot instructions could be found on the given domain. More about this

Duplicate Content

  • We found a canonial URL for this website. Providing canonical URLs using a canonical Tag helps eliminate self-created duplicate content in the index of the search engines. The link popularity will be always forwarded to the canonical URL. All the major search engines support this format. More
  • The website is returning a 301 redirect from www subdomain to non-www subdomain or vice versa. This can cause the search engines to index both versions causing lots of duplicate content.
  • For pages that do not exist a 404 error is correctly returned.
  • We could not find different rankings for the website with www-subdomain and without www-subdomain.
  • The default pages, such as index.html or index.php, are standardized. This means they are redirected to a standard url.


  • The web page consists of 29 loaded objects with a total size 850.45 KB. The number of loaded objects and the total size should be always reduced to a minimum. Try to compress javascript, use http compression on textual content and combine multiple css files.
    Please note: Inline css images are not yet considered
  • The files are loaded from 3 unique hosts. The number of DNS Lookups should be always reduced to a minimum because each lookup needs to be resolved and this just takes more time. Mehr about this
    Show details (26) (1) (1)
  • The Website has been loaded within 1 seconds. We have reached a data throughput of about 497.32 KB/second. Goole says they don't pay much attention to the loading time, but a very long loading time can be a sign of major problems. In order to err on the side of caution you should always try to minimize it.
  • 11% of the 28 loaded resources are deliviered with a compression. Compression is a simple, effective way to save bandwidth and speed up your site.
    Show details

URL Structure

  • The domain name contains one keyword. One keyword domains can work great but mostly have lots of competitors or is not a relevant keyword. More

Having a good techical base with the website you lay the foundation for good SEO. It is easy to optimize the meta data and url structure. Thats why you should always pay attention to it.

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  • There could be no P3P policy information found. The W3C has created this standard which is designed to enable users to have more control over their privacy preferences. More about this
  • By visiting this website no cookies are saved. Cookies can be used to collect personal data. Most time they are just used session management and personalization. In case they are used the webmaster is advised to describe the usage within a privacy statement. More about Cookies
    Hint: Cookies which are saved using javascript are not yet considered.

RankFlex Website Badge

Do you want to show your website visitors that you optimize your website for your users. Adding a RankFlex Website Badge to your site you can not only show your RankFlex Score but that you deal with search engine optimization and technical optimization.

Just choose a button below and put the HTML-Code on your website