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What we do

What we do We want to provide a single tool to validate a website against various web standards, best practices,
search engine optimization standards and more. Therefore we created about 100 single validation tests from various different areas. There is still lots of work to do for us but now we have a solid base.

These are some of our current features:

Search Engines

  • Counts the inbound links the site gets through the major search engines
  • Checks how good the website is indexed from the major search engines and count the indexed pages
  • Determines a list of up to 2000 active inbound links for you to browse through
  • Retrieves various rankings such as Google PageRank, Alexa Traffic Rank and the mozRank from SEOmoz
  • We save when and how the search engines show new inbound links or indexed sites and provide some diagrams for review


  • Validates your html and css against W3C standards
  • Checks if the static resources use the web servers caching mechanisms
  • Checks if the text resources are delivered using http data compression
  • Checks if the CSS and JavaScript is compressed before delivery
  • Checks how many DNS requests are needed to load the website
  • Checks how fast each elements are loaded
  • Check if there is malware hosted on the site

Social Media

  • Checks if there are RSS feeds or other content distribution tools are used to spread the word
  • Checks if there can be an associated twitter account found and how popular it is
  • Checks if there are widgets used by Facebook or Google+
  • Check how many +1 Google Plus votes the website recieved
  • Checks if the are inbound links from various social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter

Content optimization

  • Determines a list of the most used keywords
  • Tests how good the major keywords are spread over heading-tags, title, url and alternative texts
  • Analyzes the url structure
  • Checks if there is offensive or spammy content
  • Checks if there is favicon available
  • Comin Soon: Duplicate Content Detection


  • Determine if there is a popular bulletin board, blog software or content management is used and validate the used version against the latest stable to find possible security leaks.
  • Coming soon: Tests for Cross Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)


  • Checks if there are cookies used to store user data
  • Checks if there are popular ad or analytics systems are used which store user related data
  • Checks if the are P3P privacy information available

Meta Data

  • Find competitors and related websites
  • Determine the age of the website
  • Find the author of the website
  • Find the location of the server


  • Validate the site against best practices for mobile devices using the W3C mobileOK Basic Test 1.0
  • Check the readability of the text using several algorithms
  • Coming Soon: Validate the site against parts of the W3C Accessibility Guidelines.